One of the most important fundamental assumptions of scientific futurology is: The future is what we cannot know. No matter, how much you invest: No proponent, indifferent how much he or she is animated with the future, can tell you what will come.


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What does this mean?


We share the belief, that our world will become more complex. Most markets are very dynamic already today and we have to fight an increasing uncertainty – as the global economy is a densely interconnected system. But: 1. We have never sat at a table with a „system“. Change always bases on humans, to be more concrete: on decisions. We regard our customers as entrepreneurs in enterprises and take the perspective of the agent – despite all “systemic” dependencies – seriously. And 2.: If nobody can know, how the future will be, prognoses do not make sense anymore. The result of this discretion is our motto: Anticipation instead of prediction. Because in global, complex environments, prognoses are failing more and more often; despite big data.



Chance favors only the prepared mind
Louis Pasteur, 1854